Gary Hawkes

Guy after training with Ellis Stockwell

I had tried all sorts of things to get myself back in shape having spent the last 7 years building a family and then hitting 40, middle age spread had set in. I felt sluggish, I looked old and tired and my sex life was suffering. In only a few weeks training 3 times a week with Paul and Tom I could already feel a difference and within 6 weeks I had lost my beer belly, my skin looked better, I had loads of energy and my sex life is fantastic.

As a life coach I have come across many different personal trainers but Paul and Tom are in a league of their own with a unique and genius technique I guarantee you it will be the best thing you well ever do for yourself, they have completely changed my life I’ve never felt so energised or looked as good as I do now at 40. I have been training with Paul and Tom for just 8 weeks and its completely changed my life. Everyone says I look 10 years younger and can’t believe the change in not just my body but my mood as well. All the stress has vanished from my face and I feel fit, alive and confident again.

These guys get results fast and you have a lot of fun doing it. Paul and Tom are without doubt the best personal trainers in the UK. Great fun for a change, unbelievable results, these guys really know their stuff.

Height: 1.85m

Weight Loss: 5kg

Fat loss: 8%

Inch loss: 14"