Personal Trainers Queens Park (Personal Training Hammersmith & Kensington)

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re looking for help and support because you’re struggling to make change happen. At Ellis Stockwell we operate as your personal fitness coach. We pour over 30 years of experience into designing a programme that works specifically for you, in and out of the gym. We’ll help you with all aspects of a fitness lifestyle providing you with guidance on nutrition, keeping you motivated and monitoring you to ensure that you have your first taste of positive transformation within 6 weeks.

Critically we’ll make sure you enjoy your training. We know it’s easier to show up and train when you know that the environment you’re training in is welcoming, upbeat, positive & friendly. In our private gym you’ll join people of all ages, levels of fitness, shapes and size and be one of only a handful training at any one time. You’ll definitely sweat & be pushed to achieve your potential but, you’ll also enjoy a laugh.

Are you ready to take positive steps towards your fitness goals? Contact us today.